Trapped #MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie

It feels like trapped in between!!!
No purpose of living..!
Seeing the blank walls and ceiling from years…!
No bail from these pills..
Lot holes in feckless body…creepy injections!…holding my soul in this body!
“Just have those medicines… And lying with numb paralyzed body..And repeat!..just mortal alive!!”

My mind has stopped thinking anymore…Don’t feel anything anymore..I forgotten the taste of my favourite strawberry cake.
…From years on this bed!.. Now,.. Don’t know… This hospital ceiling haunts me.. Or I started haunting them..!

My eyes yearn for greenery…!
Just wanted to feel wind through my hairs…… One last time..!
Just wanted free breaths… Rather than those calculated breaths..!
My soul stuck somewhere!!..
No escape from this life..
No escape from this body…!


Published by snowdrop

Live • Love • Laugh

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